I see

Citadels falling

Kings laughing

People dying.

Where’re the Gods ?

I search for them

In the wilderness

In the cities

In the darkness.

The only place

I haven’t looked yet

Is within Myself.

(Location : Pallipuram Fort; Ernakulam)

4 comments on “Search

  1. I obviously missed this fort while I was in Ernakulum. I love the Cochin area. I have often thought of putting together a book of photographs together with the writing that the images inspire. The only example that’s on my blog is under ‘writing’, done in conjunction with fellow blogger Scott, though I have done short pieces from photos in my creative writing group.


      • I would love that. There’s a slight possibility that I could be visiting Kannur in March or April, but as yet nothing is confirmed. To be honest, I spent more than usual in October-November while visiting the North and I need to replenish the bank balance. Up until recently I have managed to sell some of my framed photos but the gallery that took them has recently closed and being lazy I haven’t found another, though I am planning a small exhibition at the end of August.


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