Mr A has a passion for images and Ms GB is in love with words. He’s not a professional photographer and she’s not a wordsmith. He loves the starkness of Black&White, while she prefers the richness of colours. He plays around with lenses and light, while she dabbles in words. While he rocks to Pink Floyd, U2, Daughtry and Cold Play, she prefers Film songs of yester years and Classical music.

When both of us got bored with the mundaneness of life, we decided to combine our passions and do something together. There’re quiteย a few things we agree on and a whole lot of things that we don’t. However we’ve found that words and images are something we love to work together on. And one misty morning, Shutter N Quill was formed.


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  1. This is quite similar to kadalepuri.wordpress.com where I write and he clicks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even we too are almost similar like you guys. He loves clicking and I like writing. Well that combo has worked well so far.

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